Writing Workshop Assignment Week 2

Early Childhood Education Words

When writing and speaking about children's learning and development, we tend to focus on these developmental areas: cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and social-emotional. This week, you will refer to our blog post ECE Words: External Links and look at eight websites defining areas of development, activities and teaching techniques. There are many overlaps, but it is likely not complete; if you find more words on other sites, share the links with us. The first assignment is to list five new-to-you words (preferably ones you could apply to your current children) in the comment section on that blog, with the definition (you can copy from the site), referencing their sources. The second assignment is to choose one word you have not previously used in your newsletters and include it next week. Copy and paste that the section in the comments.


  1. Refer to this blog post: ECE Words: External Links
  2. Find words: Look through the eight websites, find at least five words that you were not already familiar with, preferably ones that apply to your current classroom.
  3. In your newsletter: Include one word you have not previously used in a written newsletter. This can be a new-to-you or familiar word.
  4. Type a comment to the blog post: (1) List your five new-to-you words, with their definitions and a note regarding where you found each word. (2) Include the sentence or paragraph that you used in your newsletter, underlining the new word.

Due (extended)

Upon finishing your newsletter for Friday, 10/23/15.