In-Services Available

Contact Candice to arrange a customized in-service training, based on one of the workshops below, or to discuss possibilities for other workshops that meet the needs specific to you and your teachers.

Child Care Basics

  • "Child Care Basics" (30 hour) – WA State Department of Early Learning

Art, Music and Physical Development

  • Art Talk: Information and Provocation for Skill Development and Joyful Exploration
  • Art Talk – Basic Art Media and Communication (2 hour)
  • Art Talk – Art Media and Communication Immersion (4 hour)
  • Art Without Question
  • Authentic Movement with Young Children
  • Music, Movement and Physical Development: Preschool (5-hour)
  • Pinterest and Process-Over-Product

Assessments and the Curriculum

  • Learning Stories (4-hour)
  • Using Data to Inform Program Practice: Infant-Toddler-Twos

Behavior, Social Skills & Emotional Development

  • Anxiety Management with Tucker Turtle
  • Attachment and Social and Emotional Development: Infants and Toddlers
  • Helping Young Children Cope with Anxiety and Stress
  • Infant-Toddler and Caregiver Attachment: Collaborating with Family Culture
  • Proven Approaches to Positive Behavior Guidance and Classroom Management
  • Relationships Are Core to Social and Emotional Development
  • Services for Social and Emotional Issues: Infant-Toddler-Two
  • Support for Children with "Challenging" Behaviors

Computer and Technology Skills for Professionals

  • Computer Basics
  • Email and Internet Basics
  • Microsoft Excel: Introduction
  • Microsoft Word: Introduction

Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias (C.R.A.B.)

  • Anti-Bias, Teachers, Culture and Families
  • Gender Bias in the Classroom Environment


  • The Organized Classroom (with Stacy Erickson)


  • Board Books! – Infants and Toddlers

Personal Professional Development

  • A Personal Mission Statement for Administrators, Programs and Professionals

Science and Math

  • Math Fundamentals: Infant through Pre-K
  • Getting Ready for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Infants & Toddlers
  • Getting Ready for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Preschool/Pre-K
    (co-designed; presented by Tammy Tasker)