D.I.Y. STARS hours


We have a few D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) mini-projects in 1-hour or 2-hour modules that can be completed and submitted for STARS credit. You can complete these assignments individually or work together and submit one as a 2 to 3 person team. All trainings are appropriate for teachers of any age level.

What courses are currently available?

  • Family Partnerships (1 hour)
  • Gender-Bias: Environmental Quick-Check (1 or 2 hours)
  • Poem with Visual Aid (2 hours)
  • Rich Vocabulary Activity (2 hours)
  • Cultural Diversity: Environmental Quick-Check (1 or 2 hours)
  • Custom, guided research projects are also available.

 What do you pay?

  • $25 per STARS hour
  • All fees are eligible for reimbursement through MERIT (up to $250 per year)
  • Custom projects are $50 per STARS hour for 1-3 participants (submitting one project)

What do you do?

  1. Email Candice to request the training's instructions and documents, and pay the fee.
  2. Complete assigned readings, activities and worksheets.
  3. Discuss questions over email or telephone with your trainer.
  4. Submit your worksheets to your trainer.
  5. Your trainer will review your worksheets, post your hours and send you a confirmation.